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Exhaust Fan Installation Sydney

Exhaust Fan Installation Sydney

Exhaust fans are an essential feature in most homes because they provide necessary levels of ventilation that keep your property well aired out so that moisture is not able to create mould and mildew. You can install them just about anywhere, from the top edge of a room to a sloped ceiling, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with differing power requirements.


Having your exhaust fan installed in places prone to moisture is an excellent idea to keep not only your property well-maintained, but it also benefits the health of your family too. For exhaust fan installation in Sydney and more, you know that your go-to choice is Mr. Switch.

Exhaust Fan Installation Services We Provide

Bathroom exhaust fan installation. The bathroom is always the room in the home with lots of moisture thanks to steamy showers and baths. A bathroom exhaust fan installation is key to sucking that moist air away as soon as it’s created. 

Kitchen exhaust fan installation. Kitchen exhaust fan installation usually comprises of a cooker hood, which not only removes the smells from food, which can permeate the home, but also any steam made from cooking.

Chimney exhaust fan installation. This is an essential fan to ensure your chimney runs smoothly all year round by allowing the correct level of ventilation and air flow. 

Ceiling fan with light installation. These exhaust fan installations provide the homeowner with both light and a method of extracting unwanted moisture from the air, which is great for garage spaces or exterior buildings. 

Wall mount exhaust fan installation. This is a simple solution once implemented. These types of fans take in air from the inside of the home and move it outside to maintain healthy living space. 

Inline exhaust fan installation. A duct system is used in rooms that are not able to be ventilated easily, such as a pantry area used for laundry or internal living spaces without any windows.

Why is exhaust fan installation necessary?

The key reason for bathroom exhaust fan installation as well as kitchen exhaust fan installation is to remove moisture from the room. Moisture in the air that is warm, such as from a hot shower or boiling pan, encourages and speeds up the growth of mould. 

Moisture and damp left unventilated in a room allow microorganisms and bacteria to grow, and walls made of plasterboard and wallpaper are particularly susceptible to being compromised by moisture. 

An extractor fan also removes smells from your bathroom that would otherwise create a musty odour, and from the kitchen too, when you have been cooking a meal with a strong smell, such as curry or fish. 

The number one choice for safe exhaust fan installation in Sydney

We have the skills and the experience combined to offer residents in the Sydney area the best quality of exhaust fan installation for bathrooms and kitchens, or any other room where they’re required. We can come at a time that suits you and are always available on the phone to provide an insight into all types of electrical wiring installations. When you know exactly what you want, we can provide hassle-free service and one of our qualified electrical wiring contractors will attend your property to carry out a safe exhaust fan installation you can be proud of. 

If you need exhaust fan installation in Sydney by a trained electrician, give us a call today and we will offer you the best advice and competitive rates.

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