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How to Make Changes After Getting Your House Rewired

How to Make Changes After Getting Your House Rewired

May 13, 2021

Still having electrical problems, even though you’ve just had your home rewired?

As a homeowner, it’s important that you regularly have the electrical wiring in your house checked and replaced in order to make sure you and your family stay safe while also meeting all your modern electrical needs. 

The problem is many electricians do a poor job of rewiring houses, leaving you with certain electrical issues that you have to deal with on your own. In many cases, this means you might end up spending more to fix the electrical rewiring than the initial cost you paid to rewire your house.

However, it’s not always necessary to hire another electrician to rewire the house again. Depending on the issue, you can fix your electrical rewiring with it costing you a single cent.

What is Electrical Rewiring?

Electrical rewiring is a way of replacing and upgrading the electrical circuitry in your home by changing out old cables and possibly outfitting your house with new outlets or rewiring for light fittings. Sometimes, you may also need to replace your electrical service, including the main panel and any subpanels. 

By law, you must contract a licensed level 2 electrician to help you with your house rewiring, as attempting to rewire a house on your own is dangerous and requires lots of expertise and experience. 

Why Do You Need Electrical Rewiring?

Nowadays, it’s easy to take electricity for granted. But without regular maintenance, you could find yourself unable to power your most used appliances and electronics, or worse, in a potentially harmful situation caused by electrical hazards. 

That’s why it’s best to rewire your house before it’s too late, and well before it gets too costly.

How Do You Know If You Need Electrical Rewiring?

The first sign that your house needs electrical rewiring is when you start to notice small problems with the power in your home. 

You won’t need to hire an electrician to perform full-scale electrical rewiring for every electrical problem. In many instances, the small power problems you experience may be caused by issues unrelated to the electrical wiring in your house, in which case there’s nothing to worry about. However, you’ll still want to think about having parts of your home rewired or at least checked for electrical rewiring in situations such as:

  • Property damage caused by a natural disaster
  • Frequent power overloading
  • Knob-and-tube or aluminium wiring in your system
  • Presence of old lead, fabric or rubber insulated cabling 
  • Replacing your old fuse box with white ceramic fuses
  • Installing heavy-powered appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher, and heating system
  • Moving into to a new house or flat unit

However, before you go ahead and get your home rewired, make sure to consult with your electrician on whether or not rewiring is necessary and how much it’ll cost you. With some electrical issues, you may be able get an electrician to help you determine how you can test the electrical wiring to see if it’s a problem worth fixing.

How Can You Do Electrical Wiring Yourself?

Under NSW Wiring Rules, unlicensed individuals are prohibited from performing any electrical work such as home rewiring, even if it’s your own home. For any electrical work that needs to be done for your house, you’ll want to contact a certified electrician, who can give you a quote on electrical rewiring costs.

That said, after your electricians have finished rewiring your house, you’re free to check the newly installed connections and evaluate the standard of work. 

Here’s some things you’ll want to check on your own:

Check for Tripping of Circuit Breakers 

If your circuit breaker trips, that’s a telltale sign of power overloading. Following an electrical rewiring job, this usually means the circuits have not properly been installed and cannot handle the powerload from your house appliances. You’ll need to check that there aren’t any errors in the way the new wiring was installed or how the electric load has been calculated. 

Faulty Outlets and Switches

Outlets and switches are part of any electrician’s final checks. But you won’t be able to tell if the components have been properly installed until you’ve tried them for several days after. 

With the multiple electrical appliances found in any home these days, it’s best to test the electrical rewiring by plugging appliances into new outlets. Check to see if there are any surprises like sudden sparks or irregular sounds. You’ll also want to make sure the light and power switches throughout your home aren’t acting up.

Red Flags to Look Out For

It’s not always easy to tell if the power problems you’re experiencing are due to the appliance you’re using or an issue with the rewiring in your home. However, there’s a few common signs that will tell you right away if you need someone to come check on the wiring in your home. Here’s some red flags to look out for that might indicate faulty wiring:

Appliances malfunctioning

Unusual buzzing or humming sounds

Burning smells

Burn marks on outlets and light switches

Dimming and flickering of lights

Notice anything suspicious? Make sure you get in touch right away with an emergency 24-hour electrician. The last thing you want is to put your life in danger.


Not all electricians will rewire a house the right way. To avoid letting any unnoticed electrical issues turn into serious health and safety hazards, you should take the time to test and assess the new wiring in your home after a technician has conducted electrical rewiring.

However, the best way to prevent yourself from having to check on your wiring yourself due to electrical problems is to hire the right company for the job from the start. 

That’s why you can trust [company name] to help you sort out all your electrical issues. When it comes to rewiring your house in Australia, we have the best licensed electricians to make sure you never have to worry about experiencing problems down the road. 

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