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Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Level 2 Electrician Sydney

Level 2 Qualified Electrician

Here at Mr Switch, we have fully authorised Level 2 Service Providers with both Endeavor Energy and Ausgrid. Our qualified level 2 Electricians can efficiently find a solution to any level 2 electrical problems and electrical systems. They can perform a large variety of electrical connection services for our customers.


Our prompt and professional level 2 services are available all across Sydney; this includes:

 level 2 electrical work

Our fully qualified level 2 electricians can perform a vast range of electrical work. We can repair, install, connect and disconnect everything from cables and wires that have received UV damage to meters for your homes or apartment buildings. Repair of Damaged Consumer Mains/ UV Damaged Cables Many customers in the Sydney area have received defect notices in recent times from Endeavor Energy stating that the electrical cable between their home and power lines has experienced UV damage. 

The ultraviolet radiation causes this UV damage from the sun, and it usually results in deterioration of the insulation on the cables that can leave the copper wiring exposed. We can repair this cable by adding new layers of insulation on the wires. For New Premises – We can provide you with a power supply to your property from either an underground or overhead reticulated system. The supply and installation of any required meters will also be included. 

For Current Premises – Our Level 2 electricians can provide you with any required power upgrades such as single-phase to three-phase meters. Additionally, we can provide you with the relocation of your switchboard and mains, upgrading your meters and any disconnections or reconnections that are required. 

Meter Installations 

We can offer several different meter installation services, whether inside or outside of your property this includes:

  • Installing any electrical meter into a building, 
  • Removing any metering equipment
  • Installing solar panel meters
  • Installing off-peak meters  
  • Relay switches  
  • Replacing an old meter with a new electronic meter

Disconnections & Reconnections

Our level 2 electricians are also able to disconnect/reconnect any consumer mains to that of any overhead or underground service lines. We can again move the point of attachment or replace any service fuse, service active or neutral link. 

Underground Services 

Our underground services include installing and connecting underground services right up to the point of supply this includes:

  • Installing and connecting consumer mains to the underground point of supply 
  • Disconnect or reconnect our customer’s mains to the underground point of supply  
  • Replacing any service fuse, service active and neutral links that are required

Overhead Services 

When it comes to overhead services, we can also:

  • Connect overhead service lines to the supply system
  • Relocate or upgrade overhead service lines
  • Install and connection underground lines to that of the overhead point of supply
  • Replace any service fuses, actives and neutral links

Temporary Power Supplies 

We can also help you with temporary power supplies. We can install or remove temporary poles, switchboards, overhead service lines, metering equipment and can also supply builders with temporary power supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mr. Switch offers the best residential and commercial electrical services to the people of Sydney. For us, no project is small, even if you need help in installing a light holder, feel free to call us, and we will be there to help. We provide solutions for easy to extreme level electrical problems. Our customer service is exceptional, and our price is unbeatable.

We operate all day, every day of the week. Electricity keeps us moving, and this is why we 24/7 emergency in case you need an electrician at any time of the day or night. Our team is qualified and capable of solving any electrical issues. We take our work very seriously, and we know that even the smallest electrical problem can turn into an electrical hazard.

Yes, we do provide level 2 electrical services in Sydney. Our level-2 electricians are able to offer a complete service at any time of the day.

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