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If you have an electrical malfunction in Northern Beaches, feel secure that Mr Switch Electrical Services have an experienced electrician in Northern Beaches standing by to assist you. Our Northern Beaches electrician is flexible enough to work to your plan and has a reputable record to calm your worries.

In case of urgent requirements, Mr Switch Electrical are on hand with emergency Northern Beaches electricians with our technicians on call 24/7. Our skilled experts have the perfect tools for every job and a well earned reputation for fantastic service

If you wish to book our Northern Beaches electrician services via this site and grab your instant $50 off. Breathe easy with Mr Switch Electrical Services, we have a great reputation for delivering quality work at fair prices.

Touch base with Mr Switch if you would like a skilled Northern Beaches electrician who will engage all of his experience to give you the right result you are looking for.

With over ten years of experience and working with hundreds of clients in Sydney, Mr. Switch has gained expertise in all sorts of electrical work, including installation, maintenance, and energy saving. Our team of highly skilled Northern Beaches electricians think out of the box and go the extra mile to provide premium quality electrical services to our residential and commercial clients.

Best Northern Beaches Electricians in Sydney

No two customers can have the same electrical needs. It is essential to know that when you want to get any kind of electrical work done, whether it is related to upgrades, emergency repairs, or installation, it is better to have complete knowledge about the work. This is why we offer our customers an extensive range of solutions and give them all the information they need to make the correct decision.

Mr. Switch’s Northern Beaches Electricians are highly trained for any kind of electrical installation and repair. We provide our customers with a transparency of pricing so that they can decide whether they want to hire our services or not.

Mr. Switch’s northern beaches electricians provide designing and installing services to a broad range of customers in Northern beach areas in Sydney. With our expertise, rest assured that you will receive top-quality electrical work and the best value for your money. We aim for complete customer satisfaction because we believe that every project opens up a gateway to a long-term relationship with your customers.

Best Commercial Electric Service

There is no doubt that if there is any interruption in the electrical supply, it can cause delays and losses to any business. This is why Mr. Switch’s team of highly skilled Northern Beaches Electricians are 24/7 available and typically respond within an hour to all residential and domestic inquiries without any callout charges. We believe that the electrical work should not disturb any sort of other work, and our team carries out all the work with minimum disruption to your business.

Our Northern Beaches Electrician team has done hundreds of commercial projects with businesses of various sizes, and we are confident to say that we can handle any kind of electrical problem that comes up at your work. We excel at installing new wiring, air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration facilities with extreme expertise. Our services can be personalized according to your business’s needs.

Electrician Northern Beaches

Having to hire multiple electricians when something isn’t done right is infuriating. Why not hire someone who’ll guarantee to do it right the first time? Having an electrical fault on your property can be a stressful situation and not knowing who to call and how much it might cost makes the situation even worse. Based in the Northern Beaches, we provide a dependable team for all of your electrical needs. Our skilled electricans are available 24/7 and will work around your schedule to ensure no interruption to your daily life. We also serve the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches.

Emergency Electrician Northern Beaches

The cost of faulty electrical wiring and components that are left without being repaired can cost you thousands when an emergency happens. Those electrical mishaps can happen at any moment, which could potentially put your safety at risk as well as costing you extra money. Contact our emergency electricians on 1300 128 432  or book online. With Mr Switch’s electricians in the Northern Beaches, you can avoid any mishaps with scheduled maintenance plans and fast, cost-effective repair services. Learn more about what we can offer through our easy to understand, no-obligation quote system.

Appliance Installation Northern Beaches

It’s not easy getting a reliable and affordable appliance installation done in the North Shore, especially when you’re busy. With our professional electricians, you can rest assured that your appliance installations are done right the first time by our professional electricians in the Northern Beaches area. Our dedicated team of qualified service specialists and friendly customer service representatives are here to help 24/7. We care about the quality of service so we can make sure you always get the most out of your appliances. Our network of trusted local technicians makes it possible for us to handle your appliance repairs no matter where in the Northern Beaches you are. 

Level 2 Electrician Northern Beaches

Level 2 electrical work needs to abide by strict compliance codes. Failing to comply with these code requirements can lead to extensive fines, loss of business, or even worse. Why take the risk of poorly done electrical work? By choosing local and top-rated level 2 Northern Beaches electricians who are trusted and recognised experts in their field, you know that the job will be done professionally, the first time round. Call Mr Switch today for any level 2 electrical services in the Northern Beaches.

Exhaust Fan Installation Northern Beaches

Mould is one of your worst enemies. It can sometimes make itself at home in cracks, crevices and hidden corners, where moisture lurks. Adding an exhaust fan is a great way to help your property stay free from mould and mildew. One of the best ways to prevent mould and mildew growth in your property is by installing an exhaust fan to suck out the moisture from every part of your home. Give Mr Switch a call today and we can get a new exhaust fan installed in your home or workplace fast and efficiently for you.

Commercial Electrician Northern Beaches

Can’t manage with your business lights or switchboards? Our team of expert electricians will assess any issue you have with your commercial electricity and help you get it sorted out as soon as possible! We pride ourselves on providing excellent commercial electrical services in Northern Beaches, whether you need a simple lighting upgrade in your office or a more complex electrical upgrade or fix. Our electricians will assess the condition of your building’s electrical system and advise you how we can repair it for you. With our excellent customer service and competitive pricing, we are confident we will help to get your electrical system working to the best of its ability.


Frequently Asked Requestions

Our team of highly skilled Northern Beaches electricians has expertise in providing all kinds of residential and commercial electrical services. If you need any kind of help regarding the wiring, installation, or electrical repairs, call us, and we will send our representative right at your doorstep. We provide quality electrical services in Sydney at unbeatable prices.

We operate 24/7 a day, even on the weekend. If you need any electrical work done, no matter what the time is, call us, and we will be there for your assistance. We know that any kind of electrical disturbance can be very bothersome; this is why we remain operational at all times of the day. Our team of Northern Beaches electricians is highly skilled and experienced, who will ensure that you receive high-quality work in minimum time.

Yes, we provide level 2 electrical services to our customers. A level 2 electrician is a licensed electrician for working on underground and overhead service lines, upgrading power supplies, and installing and connecting electrical meters. If you need any kind of level 2 electrical services, call Mr. Switch and let us handle the rest.