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RCD Switch

RCD Switch

November 15, 2020

We all need electricity in this modern age, especially when you consider the number of household items that we rely on to get us through each day! However, if left unchecked, electricity has the power to cause significant harm, and that is why we are encouraged to get support from professionals when we need to have our electrics checked. Electricians work hard to learn about the range of electrical systems on the market and are fully qualified to install life-saving devices such as the RCD electrical switch.


RCD Safety Switch

  1. What is an RCD Device?
  2. How does an RCD Work?
  3. How Reliable is an RCD Safety switch
  4. Test button on RCD?
  5. Types of rcd devices?

What Is An RCD Device?

An RCD switch, otherwise known as a Residual Current Device, is an electrical switch that works to reduce the risk of electrocution and electrical fires. To do this, it cuts off the electrical power when something or someone makes contact with a live wire. Many of us are rightly wary of our electrical systems and use them safely, but there is always the chance of a fault that we are unaware of that can cause problems.

How Does An RCD Work?

If you are keen to understand how an RCD unit works, then it is pretty straightforward. The electrical safety switch monitors the current that flows through the active and neutral wires. Typically, this level of current is the same in both wires so that when there is a discrepancy, the RCD electrical switch cuts off the power.

How Reliable Is An RCD Safety Switch?

While nothing is entirely infallible, an RCD circuit offers up to 90% reliability as long as you have it checked regularly and maintained. The good news about this level of protection is that you can enjoy the peace of mind it brings knowing that the RCD protects against electric fire and shocks.

What Is the Function Of the Test Button On RCD?

The reason you have a test button on your consumer unit is to provide you with a simple way to ensure the RCD is working correctly. To test the system, you press the button and release immediately to simulate a fault; you can then check that the item has switched off. If it has, then you can be sure your system is working effectively. Make sure to turn your system back on after the test is complete!

If you do not have a test button, then you do not have RCD electrical protection, and you should consider getting your system upgraded.

What Types Of RCD Devices Are There?

There are four main types of RCDs available:

  1. Portable RCDs – for use on extension leads.
  2. Meter Box Safety Switch – you will typically find these next to circuit breakers.
  3. PowerPoint RCD – attached to power points in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens; these can be identified by the test button attached to the faceplate.
  4. Fixed RCD – located in the fuse box to protect all the connections on a circuit.

    1. The impact of a shock, electrocution or electrical fire is vast and wide-ranging, but the power of RCD protection means that we can continue to use our electrics with confidence. If you do not have RCD protection, then contact Mr Switch today to get an RCD safety switch price and book an appointment to protect your home.


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