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Skylight Installation

A new “shaftless” skylight system that you can install anywhere.

Mr Switch are proud suppliers and installers of Illume skylights

If you are building, renovating, or designing a living space you can now include the harmonious aesthetic of skylights in your home without learning a trade. illume can also easily be installed in high rise apartments or multi-storey housing, even in the basement. Mr Switch also provide professional skylight installation.

illume™ adds the ambience of natural lighting to buildings where under normal circumstances a traditional skylight could not be fitted.

As with traditional skylights, elements such as the time of day and the presence of cloud cover also affect the lighting levels that illume emits.

We call this ‘ambient light technology’ and it ensures that illume behaves exactly as a traditional skylight would by creating a balanced harmony between internal and external lighting conditions. The difference is that the illume advanced skylight system isn’t restricted to locations with direct roof access.

The illume easy do-it-yourself system can be easily installed by practically anyone. You won’t need tradesmen, you don’t need to install a light tube or flexible shaft.

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