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Smoke Alarms Installation

Smoke Alarms Installation

Smoke Alarms Installation Service and Smoke Detector Installation Services

Be it your house or office premises. Smoke alarms have long been included in the list of essential electronic devices required to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Australia. Contact us today for a complete smoke alarm solution.

From the Government of Australia to the local authorities, safety laws are more or less. The same everywhere asking people to go for a smoke alarms installation to avoid any physical or material damage from house fires.

The government generally insists that tenants or owners of residential buildings install photoelectric smoke detectors for better safety.

Smoke Detector Installation Sydney

Importance Of Smoke Detectors

If you don’t know much about smoke detectors, then you’re in the right place here at Mr Switch we love to share some helpful tips with you.

Smoke alarm placement in home

Locate the areas where smoke alarms should be placed. Don’t choose a place near a window or doorway, ceiling fan or air-conditioners, as the smoke will easily escape the smoke alarms. Better place it inside bedrooms, in the passages or blocked corners.

Smoke alarm placement ceiling

As we all know, smoke always rises high. So, accordingly, the alarms should be mounted in the ceiling. If somehow you cannot manage to install the smoke alarms in the ceiling then fix it in the top part of the wall. Try not to install it too close to the joint between wall and ceiling or such dead air spaces.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Photoelectric smoke detectors function with light, i.e. it triggers an alarm whenever it feels lack of light from the source. So it can even detect smoke coming from a mattress on fire or any such slightly burning objects. This is why you must not put it in the kitchen or dining room where it can catch the smoke of chimney or a burning incense stick or perhaps the heat of the fireplace will trigger the alarm instantly.

Smoke Detector Install Sydney

Smoke alarm manual

Always read the instruction manual before starting the smoke alarms installation. You will find the guiding manual inside the package of smoke alarms. Be it photoelectric smoke detectors or laser fire alarms, all the manufacturers provide manuals with each product. So go through it and read all the points carefully before starting with the smoke detector installation. Do not forget to keep a screwdriver and a drilling machine handy.’

5) Now, if you want to link all the photoelectric smoke detectors to the main electrical system of your house, then it is highly recommended that you should hire a professional to help you out. Smoke alarms installation can be done alone though, but not hardwiring your central power system. Even the slightest mistake can cause a major life-threatening accident in future.

Really, with Mr Switch Electrical offering you the best smoke alarm service, there is no need to worry.

Be it photoelectric smoke detectors or ionization smoke alarms. Our skilled professionals deliver exceptional smoke alarm installation service. To secure your life and eliminate even the slightest chance of any fire damage.

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