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Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

Switchboard Upgrades & Installations

VERY IMPORTANT: Stay safe with professional switchboard upgrades by Mr. Switch Electrical.

When it comes to switchboard upgrades, Mr. Switch Electrical is here to lend you a hand with our years of experience and team of skilled electricians. Old mansions mostly have outdated wiring systems and now-obsolete switchboards that function poorly and don’t provide enough power supply to the latest devices. Even more importantly, these switchboards are often not equipped with electrical safety switches. If that’s the case, then it’s best to get your home or apartment switchboard upgraded to a more reliable system for peace of mind. For all of that and more, Mr. Switch is your go-to choice for safe and reliable installations.

Why Are Switchboard Upgrades Necessary For Your Household?

1) Outdated switchboards are highly prone to short-circuits. Their fuses are more harmful as they tend to catch and spread fire easily. Also, there are chances of electrical shock with old boards. If you want to safeguard against any potential damage to your home, then an electrical switchboard upgrade is a necessity. The electrical safety switch, available with the latest switchboards, makes sure that you don’t get an electric shock and helps avoid  serious damage  due to fire. An electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as it senses the slightest hint of a power leakage from any broken wire or switch.

2) In the past, households weren’t furnished with the number of electrical appliances or devices that we are commonplace today. In the past, just a heater, chimney, dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven used to do it all. And the switchboard installation reflected that minimalism. Now though, most households may own  a computer, phones, , vacuum cleaner, dryer, washing machine, stereos, fitness equipment, microwaves, pumps, home theatres, central room temperature controlling systems, and many more. Do you think your old switches will be able to tackle such a huge power supply? It’s worthwhile considering a  new switchboard installation or switchboard upgrades. 

3) If you experience frequent power tripping, then it’s likely that your electrical equipment is in need of switchboard upgrades. Older boards are designed to supply power to a small number of kitchen or household appliances, unlike what most households now own. You can save yourself the hassle of maintaining devices with a lack of power supply, and hire Mr. Switch Electrical to guide you in your switchboard installation.

4) Switchboard upgrades are also necessary when your lights flicker all the time. If you find that the lights in your home or apartment are often blinking, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

5) Last but not least, you will get the opportunity to cut down or restore power with the electrical safety switch installed in newer switchboards. Protect yourself and your loved ones by using a secure safety measure such as a safety switch. Mr. Switch Electrical is always there for you, offering you the best switchboard electrical installation and upgrades. You can rest assured that electrical safety switches will be installed professionally, ensuring optimum safety from any kind of fire damage. 

Everything has a use-by date. If your home still has a ceramic fuse box with re-wireable fuses in the meter box or an electrical switchboard, then it’s likely passed its use-by date and can be an electrical hazard. Today’s practice switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches, which cut the electricity when there is an electrical fault. This can save your electrical cables catching on fire or even save a life from electrocution. NOTE: Next time you take your bins out and possibly pass your switchboard, consider if your home has circuit breakers, safety switches, or unsafe ceramic fuses.

More About Switchboards

Old Switchboard OLD electrical fuse box with burnt wires New Switchboard Installation Rewirable fuses are potential fire hazards. Do you know if the switchboard at your premises is working correctly? Did you know that switchboards and fuse boxes play a significant role in protecting your home wiring? Old fuse box switchboards have rewirable fuses that are made from ceramic. These can be dangerous and don’t comply with current standards for the following reasons:

  • If they’re wired with a fuse wire that is a larger density fuse wire than what the electrical cable can carry, your home’s electrical wiring has the potential to catch on fire.
  • If you investigate the switchboard or fuse box and the fuse wire is sticking out of the ceramic fuse holder, this is a major electric shock hazard.
  • Due to time and the amount of electricity passing through the ceramic fuse at the switchboard, the cable insulation melts and can cause a fire.
  • Loose electrical terminals create a hot spot, which can lead to a fire.

Here is an example of a fuse box in which the homeowner had installed a larger size fuse wire than the cable can handle. The larger size fuse wire created an electrical wiring insulation breakdown (melted cable insulation). This can cause the internal home wiring to catch on fire before burning out the fuse. Remember – having the fuse burning out is a good sign, it lets you know that the circuit has overloaded. Fix Poor Wiring Sydney Here is an example of a poorly maintained switch board which caught on fire because the electrician had not tightened the electrical terminal. Due to a hot spot on the electrical circuit breakers and safety switch, a fire had started. Regular maintenance of your electrical switchboards is necessary to avoid being stranded in the dark after hours due to poorly installed or ill-maintained switchboards or fuse boxes. Remember to ask your Mr Switch electrician in Sydney to advise you with a solution for your switchboard or fuse box to avoid the inconvenience of calling an electrician in an emergency situation. Poor Wiring At Mr. Switch electricians Sydney, the majority of our emergency after-hour electrical breakdowns are due to poorly-installed switchboards and old ceramic fuse boxes. Mr. Switch electrician in Sydney provides a courtesy electrical safety inspection with any electrical service in your home or office. Don’t forget to mention your $50 online discount on your next electrical service.

Just a friendly reminder that Mr. Switch Electrical in Sydney is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for your emergency electrical needs.

Switchboards in Australia and switchboard wiring can be a complicated task. We can service any domestic electrical switchboard issues thanks to our experienced electricians. Our electricians are highly trained to handle any switch wiring tasks. From switchboard installations to upgrades, we do it all. Switchboards and house fuse boxes are an essential part of your premises and they should always work properly as they play a major role in the complete wiring of your premises. There are many things to consider when checking the house fuse box in Australian homes. This includes looking at the wires used, as heavy wiring may cause an increased load in the box which can result in a fire. It’s important that the house fuse box is properly checked. For an initial consultation, call us now to get trained electricians to perform a complete switchboard wiring inspection at your premises to avoid any type of mishap.

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