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Tips from your electrician Sydney for Ceiling Fan Installation

December 13, 2013

A handful of things are as cost efficient and straightforward to your typical home owners than attempting a ceiling fan installation. Investing in one of these might make all the difference in the temperatures of your bedroom or other living area. It could possibly also assist in stretch your budget with heating and cooling expenses because of the small levels of electricity it uses by itself.

In all truthfulness this is often a reasonably easy job that almost anybody with some common hand tools can achieve. Make sure you take your time and utilize safe working practices. In addition, it rarely ever hurts to inquire of an associate or loved one for a little help with the job either.

The first thing performed should be to select just where the fan should go into. Practically without exception they usually are placed at the center of most rooms, swapping whatever light fixture may be there. This provides a combined purpose of simplifying the task in addition to supplying far more air movement inside your room.

A lot of fans employ as much or less electricity versus the light fixtures they will replace. Even so this does not mean it’s not necessary to double check to make certain. When there is not a fixture to replace, one must run a completely new circuit for power. You might make the decision to tap into a pre-existing circuit to make this happen or run a new line from a breaker in houses main fuse box.

Blade clearance is also an issue that needs to be addressed. Most fans will be 7 to 10 inches below the highest point of the roof. Use this figure when determining the proper height. You will want to try to keep 8 to 10 inches below ceiling for good airflow. If this is a problem, possibly look into a shallow mount for it.

Since this is basically a light summary I will simply discuss the most crucial points. Always browse the manufacturer’s directions. They are usually loaded with almost every likely problem and resolution. Shut down the electric power within the circuit off, and remove the former light fixture. Make sure that the junction box is going to be strong enough to carry the added weight and also vibrations from the unit installation. Put together the fan and secure it to the junction box. Now stand back to admire your own handy work

Be sure every thing is done in the right way before turning the electric power on initially. If you notice smoke or absolutely nothing happens when it is started up the 1st time, troubleshoot it until the issue is uncovered and fixed. The best part; would be showing friends and family the ceiling fan installation you recently carried out.

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