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Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding

Looking For An Expert in Electrical Fault Finding?

Fault Finding Electrician
You are at the right place. We at Mr. Switch Electrical love to take the challenge of finding electric problems and troubleshooting them instantly. We believe only a systematic approach coupled with sound knowledge about circuits and other electrical services can only ensure the most effective result.

So if you have any electrical faults at your home or office and want the assistence of skilled professionals in this field, we are just a call away.

The 5 steps of electrical troubleshooting by Mr. Switch Electrical are as follows:

  • Collect necessary information regarding the safety rules and procedures of electrical fault finding as well as norms for using electrical equipment. Different companies have different set of rules and regulations on testing and troubleshooting electric problems.
  • Minute observation. Like detective novels, faulty machines give subtle clues about their causes. So a thorough observation of the broken down machine can give the professional a better idea than testing. Thus careful observation is the second most significant step of electrical fault finding.
  • Defining the core problem comes next. After observation may be you end up finding multiple problems. Having a proper knowledge about the mechanism of that particular machine and by using the logic and reasoning you can come to the accurate conclusion.
  • Find other possible causes which can lead to such malfunctioning. This is like cross-checking. Apply all your knowledge of electrical services and carve out all the possible causes.
  • It’s time for final checking and repairing. Once you are sure of the electrical fault finding, fix the issues and get your job done.

Be aware! Electricity can kill!

Mr. Switch Electrical advises you to choose a professional electrician to help solve these problems. Why put your life at risk when you have a professional company ready to offer you the best services?

Fault Finding Electrician
Our experts are empowered with vast knowledge as well as years of hand-on experience in electrical fault finding. Be it a leakage in your old wiring or malfunctioning of any domestic or commercial machine, Mr. Switch Electrical is happy to help you.

Give us a call next time you require expert assistance in electrical fault finding and fixing.

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