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Electrical Safety Recall By Hager

Electrical Safety Recall By Hager

January 28, 2014

Hager recall modelsHager has recalled its mono RCBO range due to a potential defect that has been detected in these products. The said defect can result in an electric shock and that is why the company has recalled all the products sold or installed during July 2010 to Aug 2012 in Australia and has urged the customers and contractors to get these replaced immediately. The models affected are from the Mono range: AD310T, AD316T, AD320T & AD325T

If you are unsure if this affects you, please contact Mr Switch Electrical on 1300 677 948.

Hager B&R ensures that every product they offer has to go through a strict quality check procedure, where the product is thoroughly checked against diverse parameters.

However, even a minor lapse in this quality check procedure can cause a major repercussion for the users, for which the company takes full responsibility and initiates to take the precautionary steps as soon as possible to avoid any consequences from arising.

For those who are not much familiar with this device, RCBO is a switch installed on switchboards of power circuits and lighting. It is basically a circuit breaker, consisting of two circuits, which detect an imbalance or overload in a specific circuit.

Commonly known as the safety switch, it works by switching off the circuit in case of overload, thus providing the much required protection against any electrical defect by keeping the user safe. Although the defect is quite rare and is considered to affect a mere 0.15% of the total products, this voluntary decision taken by Hager B&R is quite commendable and reflects their dedication and customer oriented approach.

The contractors, who might have bought and installed a mono RCBO, have a major role to play in making this endeavor successful. They can support this initiative by following some steps. First of all, they should immediately stop installing this product. Then they need to identify the places or addresses where they have installed this product since July, 2010. Once they are able to locate the products, they should check the number mentioned on each reference which is installed.

For any queries or questions they can contact Hager recall hotline through phone or email. Also contractors are advised to get additional information about the guidelines for replacing affected products, which has been mentioned on the company’s website.


Products affected include:

  • HAGAD310T – 1 module RCBO 10A 30mA
  • HAGAD316T – 1 module RCBO 16A 30mA
  • HAGAD320T – 1 module RCBO 20A 30mA
  • HAGAD325T – 1 module RCBO 25A 30mA

Even the customers can contribute in helping the company ensure the safety of their families. If you have a mono RCBO device installed in your home, then it is recommended that you check the product reference number mentioned on the device to ensure if it is from the recalled lot. It is very important that a licensed and qualified electrical contractor such as Mr Switch Electrical confirms the identification of RCBO. Contact Mr Switch on 1300 677 948

If it is confirmed that the switch installed is from the faulty batch, then you should immediately contact the contractor who has installed it. Mr Switch recommends to replace this at a discounted price to the customer.

Identification Guide – Recalled RCBOs

The Recall applies ONLY to the single module RCBOs with the reference Numbers;
AD310T, AD316T, AD320T or AD325T.

No other Hager B&R RCBO or Product is affected by the recall.

To help you identify these with certainty, we have highlighted the key distinguishing features.

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that identification of the Recalled RCBO be confirmed by a qualified and licensed electrical contractor such as Mr Switch Electrical.

If you have any questions, get in touch today on 1300 677 948

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