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How fire safe is your home?

How fire safe is your home?

August 25, 2020

It is a shocking fact that approximately 2,500 people are killed each year in residential fires, and another 500 die from carbon monoxide.* To help reduce these statistics we’ve included an important safety message from the NSW Fire and Rescue Commissioner which can ensure you and your family are fire safe and fire ready this Winter.

Home Fire Safety

Fire safety at home is one of the important factors when we look at safety features or parameters and there are many things that we need to consider when we talk about fire safety.

If we take an example for the fire, suppose you are sleeping with your family and in the middle of the night you hear some sound and you smell of something burning and smoke and when you wake up to see what has happened then you get shocked to see that your house has caught the fire and in this scary situation here comes the point what you will be doing now to safely evacuate your family and pets do you have fire safety equipment for home available at your home.

As discussed in the beginning you can see the mortality rate each year due to residential fires. That number is not good so that is why it becomes important for you to become aware of the basic home fire safety and also you should have fire safety equipment for home available.

Below are some tips that you can follow for basic home fire safety:

1- Stay Safe in Kitchen:

The kitchen is one of the leading sources of a house fire because many times what happens is that while working in the kitchen a small mistake can lead to a big loss because it has all the things that can catch fire easily. 

2- Install Smoke Detectors:

Smoke detectors are one of the most important fire safety equipment as it alarms you earlier about the fire and gives you and your family enough time to escape.

3- Install Fire Extinguishers:

Domestic fire extinguishers are the most important fire safety equipment for home as it is the most important thing to get control over the fire before it turns into a huge fire exhaust.

4- Teach your children about fire safety

For more information on smoke alarms and the best option for your home see our Smoke Alarm Guide.

*Statistics and video from Fire and Rescue NSW
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