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Lightbulb Reinvented

Lightbulb Reinvented

February 23, 2014

Wi-fi enabled energy efficient LED light bulb

Energy regulatory regime Australia has been encouraging the use of environment friendly and energy saving electrical appliances. And no doubt, using energy efficient electrical appliances for household and business needs will improve lifestyle of common people and business community.

Above all light bulbs use more electricity than any other electrical appliance because you keep light bulbs on for the most of time. Being a budget conscious electricity consumer, you can choose energy efficient light bulb to save money and energy at the same time.

If a striking idea of energy efficient light bulb does not come to your mind, Mr. Switch Electrical is here to let slip LIFX – The Light Bulb Reinvented. This technically designed smart light bulb is quite an innovative addition in the world of electrical appliances.
Striking features of LIFX light bulb are…

  • Energy efficient
  • Wi-Fi enabled (easy to control with Android & iPhone)
  • Multi-colored light adjustment

With the reinvented light bulb is that you can easily control lights and energy costs. Great news for any household.

Are you interested in learning the simple ways to install and operate smart light bulb? Mr. Switch Electrical has successfully installed LIFX smart bulb and he is going to enrich your experience with the smartest light bulb.

LIFX smart light bulb takes no time for set-up. Just spend a few seconds to install FREE app and go with your lifetime comforts. You will swap your bulb without complex control boxes and high-priced electricians.
We understand your mood that varies from time to time. Another ease you can enjoy with LIFX smart light bulb is that you can adjust the brightness of these light bulbs from your smart phones. It is soothing to set light according to your décor and moods.

The Light Bulb Reinvented offers another rich function and that is…YES! Automatic light on/off option. Once you set its automatic on/off option, you will not have to worry about switching it on when you come to home and switching it off when you go outside.

If you are a music lover, LIFX smart light bulb is the right choice because it lets you visualize music through mood lighting and it fantastically matches the composition.
This revolutionary light bulb will not only save power consumption but it will let you enjoy advanced LED technology.

Mr. Switch Electrical offers LED technology based LIFX smart light bulb along with light bulb installation tips to get the best out of the smart light bulb technology. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can contact Mr. Switch Electrical for the best electrical services.

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