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Make Your Garden Party Safer Than Ever With Better Outdoor Electrics

Are you planning to throw a garden party as the perfect birthday bash for your better half? But the only thought annoying you is ‘how to set up the outdoor electrics properly’.

May be from previous experiences you know that if not done perfectly, all those outdoor electrical wires create a mess when the party begins.

Now, who would like to end up throwing a messy party? Mr. Switch Electrical is here to make your outdoor party a rocking one from all the cluttered wires.

Be it a poolside engagement party or a rooftop dinner party, all the outdoor electrics should be done following the building rules and regulations defined by the government. But when you have so many things to put in order as you are running out of time, fixing up the outdoor electrical system seems next to impossible.

Why taking so many headaches when Mr. Switch Electrical is ready to lend you a hand? Transfer all your responsibilities to some highly-skilled and experienced electricians, take a deep breath and finish all the important tasks like finalizing the snacks menu or getting the invitations ready which require your close attention.

Mr. Switch Electrical provides professional services to set up outdoor electrics for both domestic and commercial purposes. From protecting all the electrical wires, lights, sockets etc. with residual current device or RCD to putting underground cables, we make it sure that everything done is law-abiding.

The outdoor electrical materials we provide also positively meet the international standards of building regulations.

What you can expect from us:

  • Safe and secure outdoor wiring
  • Extending the power supply through electrical wires from indoor to outdoor
  • Services cover Uplighting, downlighting, water lighting, shadow-lighting, silhouetting, spotlighting etc.
  • Use of Residual Current Device wherever required
  • Use of Steel Wired Armored cable in case of underground cable insertion

So next time you get ready for an evening pool party, just give Mr. Switch Electrical a call and rest assured that all the outdoor electrics will be done by a team of electrical experts. Our comprehensive services for setting up indoor and outdoor electrics are designed to suit your needs.

Having us around, you must not worry about the safety of your guests as well as your own place. We will get outdoor electrics wiring and set up done in a hassle- way.

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